The Ocean Cleanup has developed the world’s first feasible method to rid the oceans of plastic.

Every week the volume of two Empire State Buildings worth of plastic floats into the oceans, where it damages ecosystems, damages economies and enters the food chain, thereby potentially damaging us humans.

Instead of going after the plastic – which would take many thousands of years and billions of dollars to complete – The Ocean Cleanup has developed a passive system which allows the ocean currents concentrate the plastic itself. Research has now shown that we can clean up about half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in ten years’ time.

To prepare for the 2020 cleanup operation, we just completed a reconnaissance mission mapping the pollution and we will be deploying the first pilot system in the ocean in 2016.

Your donation will help us cover the cost of developing and testing the necessary prototypes, as well as conducting expeditions and other operations.

Become part of the largest cleanup in history.

For our American supporters

To provide tax-deductibility for U.S. citizens, The Ocean Cleanup has teamed up with The Netherland-America Foundation, Inc. The NAF is qualified as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization by the U.S. government. If you would like to make a donation to The Ocean Cleanup through The NAF, please click here to visit their donation page.

Please consider reading our Donations Terms & Conditions before making a donation.

The Ocean Cleanup is a tax-exempt nonprofit foundation, registered in the Netherlands.

If you are a company, individual or foundation interested in making a large donation or in-kind contribution to significantly advance The Ocean Cleanup project, please click here to get in touch with us.

Direct bank transfers

In case you prefer a direct bank transfer, you can make use of our following bank accounts:
EUR transfers: NL73 ABNA 0529 4518 24 - BIC: ABNANL2A
USD transfers: NL92 ABNA 0529 4682 63 - BIC: ABNANL2A
- Both in the name of “Stichting The Ocean Cleanup”

Bank: ABN AMRO Kneuterdijk, Postbus 19507, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands