About Us

"Human history is basically a list of things that couldn’t be done, and then were done."

19-year-old Boyan Slat combines environmentalism, entrepreneurism and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability.

While diving in Greece, he became frustrated when coming across more plastic bags than fish, and wondered: "why can't we clean this up?"

While still in secondary school, he then decided to dedicate half a year of research to understand plastic pollution and the problems associated with cleaning it up. This ultimately led to the passive cleanup concept, which he presented at a TEDx conference in 2012.
To be able to show the concept he envisioned is technically feasible and financially viable, Boyan Slat paused his life as a first-year Aerospace Engineering student, to focus all his time to developing the idea.
On June 3rd 2014, The Ocean Cleanup presented the 530-page feasibility study report (authored by 70 people), which indicated the concept is indeed a feasible method to clean almost half the plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just 10 years.
In 2012, The Ocean Cleanup Array was awarded Best Technical Design at the Delft University of Technology. Boyan Slat has been recognised as one of the 20 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide (Intel EYE50).

Our Team

At The Ocean Cleanup we work with a team of approximately 100 committed people, performing research in the fields of engineering, physical oceanography, ecology, finance, maritime law, processing and recycling.


Boyan Slat
Founder & President

Frans Ratelband

Femke Hoes
Treasurer & Bookkeeper


Boyan Slat
Founder & President

Femke Hoes
Head of Office

Jan de Sonneville
Lead engineer

Feasibility study coordinators

Bernd van Dijk
Financials coordinator

Julia Reisser
Lead oceanographer

Leonid Pavlov
CFD & CM coordinator

Nicholas P. Katsepontes
Maritime & Environmental law coordinator

Norbert Fraunholcz
Processing & Recycling coordinator

Robbert Zuijderwijk, BSc
Ecology coordinator

Researchers, Authors and Editors

Adam Walters
Legal researcher

Agnes Ardiyanti
Feasibility study editor

Alexander Rau
Computational modeller

Bonnie Monteleone
Feasibility study co-author

Bruno Sainte-Rose
2D CFD  modelling expert

David Kauzlaric
Expert 3D CFD modelling

Edd Hornsby
Feasibility study editor

Elena Pallares
Physical Oceanographer

Elizabeth Ooi
Feasibility study editor

Erik van Vliet
Workshop assistant

Evelien Bolle
Carbon footprint analyst

Freddy Vlot
Workshop assistant

Gabrielle S. Prendergast
Biofouling Expert

Goli Habibi-Kenari
Feasibility Study Editor & Communications officer

Hester Jansen
Feasibility study editor

Holly Campbell
Legal researcher

Hyke Brugman
Intern Physical testing

Jaime López
Physical oceanographer

Jan Schoemaker
Technical assistant

Jill Randolph
Legal Researcher

Jochem A. Jonkman
Plastic sample analyst 

Johanna Buurman
Feasibility study editor

John Geil
Legal researcher

Joost de Haan
Offshore engineer

Jort Hammer

Katie Schmidt

Kauê Pelegrini
Polymers expert

Kelly Marie Osborn
Feasibility Study Editor

Marijn Dekker
Marine Engineer

Mark van Dijk
Ecology Coordinator

Marleen Roelofs
Plankton Biologist

Maximilian Michels
Computational modeller

Michiel van der Spek
Feasibility study editor

Moritz Schmid
Plankton ecologist

Mukul Kumar
Feasibility study editor

Nandini Sivasubramanian

Nathan Walworth

Nick Howard
Legal researcher

Niklas Wehkamp
3D CFD modelling expert

Paula Walker
Legal researcher

Pauline Horng

Pierre-Louis Christiane
Financial impact analyst

Raphael Klein
Coordinator boom engineering

Rebecca Rushton
Legal researcher

Richard Hildreth
Legal researcher

Richard Martini
Offshore engineering advisor

Sebastiaan van Rossum
Intern Hydraulic Engineering

Sebastiaan van Schie

Sergio Castellanos
Prototyping engineer

Sjoerd Drenkelford
Intern Transport and Logistics

Stephan Koch
Computational modeller

Tadzio Holtrop

Tim Landgraf
Computational modeller

Wart Luscuere
Field researcher

Wouter Jansen
Intern computational modelling

Communications and Office

Alison O'Keeffe
Social media coordinator

Annemieke Boon
Communications Officer

Emmanuel Osiga
Communications Officer

Fadia Al Abbar
Communications Officer

Florian Dirkse
Internal communication & events

Francesco Ferrari
Communications Officer

Gerard Neil

Hans Husson
Communications Officer

Hans van Piggelen
Webmaster & Communications Officer

Ianthe Dickhoff
Communications officer

Ioannis Katseris
Communications Officer

Jacob Janssen
Communications Officer

James Lokas
Communications Officer

Joost Niepoth
Lead communications officer

Joram Falkenburg
Communications officer

Kees Kindt
Online payment advisor

Manissa Ruffles
Speaking coordinator

Marchien Bel
Videography, Photo coordinator

Marloes Loos
Communications officer

Pieter Stalenhoef
Communications officer & HR

René Coppens
Webmaster & Communications officer

Rob Gargett
Editor & Proofreader

Sandra Quirijns
Communications officer

Stefanos Malandrakis
Merchandise coordinator

Stella Diamant
Communications Officer & Ecologist

Tim Verbeek
Communications Officer

Zaheer Zafer
Communications Officer

Finance and Funding

Arthur van de Graaf
Crowdfunding coordinator

Dario Grassini, CPA


Martin Krüger
Legal coordinator

Pauline Phoa
Legal coordinator


Steven Bink
IT coordinator


Layla Groeneweg
HR coordinator