Ocean Plastic Pollution

Is there really an island of plastic waste floating in the Pacific?
Is the plastic all at the ocean surface, or deeper down as well?
Is it true that most of the plastic pieces are tiny (microplastics)?
What are the long-term effects of plastic pollution in the oceans?
Who should be responsible for cleaning the gyres?
How can I help prevent plastic pollution?
Will cleaning just incentivize people to continue polluting?

The Ocean Cleanup System

The concept
What does "passively collecting" mean?
Is the cleanup system already installed and cleaning up the ocean?
Can you rid the oceans of plastic entirely?
Can you provide an overall solution to ocean plastic pollution?
Can you deploy this system in coastal areas, seas and rivers too?
Will the systems interrupt shipping pathways?
How will the systems withstand severe storms?
How do you make sure the system does not break?
Will the systems impact sea life?
Will the systems have a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) effect?
Will the CO2 footprint undo the positive effects of the cleanup?
Capture efficiency / vertical distribution
How long will it take to clean up a gyre?
To what depths will you be able to extract plastic?
Which sizes of plastic can your system capture?
How much plastic can you remove from the ocean?
How will you clean up 50% of the plastic in 5 years?
Optimizing our design
How has the concept changed since the feasibility study?
Why did you change from a drift anchored- to a wind driven system?
What are the main benefits of a wind driven system compared to the drift anchored one?
How are you determining the best location and design for the system?
What material is the screen be made out of?
What material is the floater be made out of?

Plastic extraction and usage

What will you do with the plastic once it's extracted from the oceans?
How will you extract the plastic from the ocean?
Why do you transport the plastic to land instead of processing it at sea?
Can my company use the plastic you have collected?

The Ocean Cleanup Organization

How did The Ocean Cleanup come into existence?
Is it possible to do my internship at The Ocean Cleanup?
How can I invite Boyan Slat to speak at our event/conference?
Where can I find more information for my presentation/school project?
Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?
Do you have merchandise?


Where can I find your scientific publications?
Where can I find more details about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
Will The Ocean Cleanup publish more research results in the future?


How are you financing the cleanup?
How can my company or organization help The Ocean Cleanup?
How can I help The Ocean Cleanup as an individual?
How can I help you raise awareness and/or raise funds?
Do you plan to do another crowdfunding campaign?
I have a boat/own a research vessel and want to help. What can I do?
Can my company sponsor a system?
Can I buy a system for a coastal area, river or sea?
Are donations to The Ocean Cleanup tax deductible?
Can I donate in another currency, besides EUR and USD?
Can I transfer an amount directly to your bank account?
How can I donate from a US company?
Can I get proof of my donation for a tax deduction?
Can I donate airmiles?
Can I donate in cryptocurrency?