Road to the cleanup

This summer, The Ocean Cleanup will attempt to launch its first cleanup system inside the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Follow the journey as we finalize engineering, procurement and testing system components in the months leading up to the deployment.

  1. We confirmed the final order for the first full length floater, officially kicking off the procurement phase.

    Procurement is a challenge of its own considering the scale of our system and the tight planning we're committed to follow. Finding the right suppliers, running quality checks and negotiating prices usually takes months. Furthermore, finding production plants that can integrate our order to their schedule is no easy feat.

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  2. Nov '17

  3. The floater of the first ocean cleanup system is in production. The floater is the part of the system that is responsible for catching surface plastic and keep the system afloat. Once completed it will be 600 meters in length, and have a diameter of 1.2 meters.

    Other system components will follow over the next few months and will be transported to our assembly line in San Francisco.

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  4. All 51 sections of the first ocean cleanup system’s floater are now out of the manufacturing plant.

    After final handling, they will be sent out to the assembly site in California.

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  5. "Preparing for the cleanup, next few weeks will mostly be spent on the finishing touches of the design. Final material choices, detailing connections, configuring the electrical instrumentation. Can’t wait to see it all come together."

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  6. Jan '18

  7. Floater elements of the cleanup system #1 are now in transit to California.

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  8. The engineering team is nearing final design of the first cleanup system electronics. Multiple electronic “pods" will be assembled to the floater.

    Their solar panels will power everything from navigation lights and AIS to monitoring sensors and cameras.

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  9. "We are excited to announce that Alameda will be home to @TheOceanCleanup’s first cleanup system. This passive drifting system is set to begin cleaning plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this summer. It's time for the largest cleanup in history. #loveourisland #alamtg"

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  10. Together with the City of Alameda, we signed a lease agreement for portions of the former Alameda Naval Air Station, a peninsula now known as Alameda Point.

    Located on San Francisco Bay, this is the site where assembly of the first cleanup system will begin within the next month. The combination of available yard space and sheltered water access makes it the ideal basecamp for the launch of Cleanup System #1.

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How we will rid the oceans of plastic

Back in May 2017, Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, announced the design breakthrough allowing for the cleanup of half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just 5 years.