Our merchandise collection was created for one reason: to continue to build our movement against ocean plastic pollution. When you purchase an item from any of our partners below, a donation will be made in support of The Ocean Cleanup.

  • The Ocean Cleanup Casual wear

    Casual wear

    by Rapanui

    Rapanui is an award winning eco-fashion brand from the Isle of Wight, committed to making a genuine contribution to sustainability, setting an example for the clothing industry. Each product is ethically produced, traceable and made with 100% organic cotton.

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  • The Ocean Cleanup Outdoor wear

    Outdoor wear

    by Musto

    Musto is a leading aquatic sport and offshore product provider with the intention of bettering our oceans. The collection is high quality, sleek and durable - ideal for our ocean-loving supporters. From leisurely weekends in the country to battling storms in the Southern Ocean, Musto performs so you can too.

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  • The Ocean Cleanup Reusable bottle

    Reusable bottle

    by Dopper

    Motivated by the massive amount of plastic waste produced, Dopper is committed to reducing single-use plastic through their sustainable award winning bottle design. Their bottles are light weight and easy to wash. Ideal to bring with you on the go. 

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