North Pacific Foundation

Organization name & Address details

Foundation name: The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation

The Foundation is a public charity, exempt from income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). 

Postal Address
The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation
535 Mission Street Unit 1922
San Francisco
94105 California
United States of America

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The Foundation supports initiatives to rid the oceans of plastic, starting with the Pacific Ocean

The scope

Ridding the oceans of plastic

The purpose of The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation is to preserve and protect the natural ocean environment for the benefit of the public. This includes promoting and supporting the efficient and environmentally-friendly extraction of waste from oceans, seas and other waste areas. It also includes promoting, supporting and performing the environmentally-friendly recycling of such waste. 

Main activities

The main activity to be carried out by the Foundation is the assembly of ocean systems for deployment in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, by one of The Ocean Cleanup's affiliates. The assembly of the first cleanup system is taking place in Alameda, California. 

The extracted plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be recycled and sold, to finance (part of) the cleanup expansion to the other four ocean gyres, as well as the continued operation of cleanup systems in the North Pacific. The North Pacific Foundation may assist in the marketing and sales of the plastic. 

The Foundation will also be responsible for raising funds in the US; firstly for rolling out The Ocean Cleanup initiative in the North Pacific, but also to support other The Ocean Cleanup initiatives around the world. The Foundation will also set-up and manage events in the US, such as media events related to the cleanup system progress. 


The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation is an independent foundation established under the laws of Delaware and registered in the State of California. The foundation is managed by its board of directors, who report to the sole member of the foundation, the Dutch foundation Stichting The Ocean Cleanup, which aims to rid the world's oceans of plastic. The board may delegate the management of the activities of the Foundation to any other person, provided the activities and affairs of the Foundation are managed under the ultimate direction of the board.

The members of the board are not entitled to any remuneration. They are, however, entitled to ask for reimbursement of reasonable costs (such as travel expenses).


Stichting The Ocean Cleanup

For more information on the Dutch foundation Stichting The Ocean Oceanup and its affiliated companies, including its annual reports and foundation details click here. For general information on The Ocean Cleanup we refer to the other website pages related to our mission, technology etcetera.


Boyan Slat CEO & Chairman
Lonneke Holierhoek Board member
Jos Huijbregts Treasurer and board member
Carl van der Zandt Secretary and board member
Mark Hawkins Board member
Rob Parker Board member


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If you are based in the US, our US 501(c)(3) donation partner, The Netherlands American Foundation can process recurring and one time donations to The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation. For more details about their donation methods, please see their dedicated page

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