Allard Van Hoeken Joins The Ocean Cleanup As COO

The Ocean Cleanup is pleased to announce Allard van Hoeken has joined the organization as Chief Operating Officer, taking up the challenge of managing the development of The Ocean Cleanup’s technology towards execution. Allard has joined the Management Team of The Ocean Cleanup and will be responsible for the organization’s...

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Research, Engineering

Engineering An Ocean Cleanup Barrier From Scratch

How we design a system that does not ‘fight the ocean’, but rather ‘moves with it’?

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A deep dive into plastic flow modeling

One of the main issues we are tackling at The Ocean Cleanup is to determine where, and in what concentrations, plastic pollution is distributed throughout the oceans. In order to clean up the worlds’ ocean garbage patches effectively, we need to get a crystal clear picture of where we should start. To achieve this, we are building...

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Research, Testing, Engineering

First Cleanup Barrier Test to be deployed in Dutch waters

The Ocean Cleanup will be deploying a 100 meter-long barrier segment in the second quarter of 2016 in the North Sea, 23 km off the coast of The Netherlands. It will be the first time our barrier design will be put to the test in open waters. The main objective of the North Sea test is to monitor the effects of real-life sea conditions,...

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Why We Need To Clean The Ocean’s Garbage Patches

At The Ocean Cleanup, we’re developing the first feasible method to clean up world’s ocean garbage patches. Five vast areas of Open Ocean, known as the subtropical gyres, act as a trap for ocean plastic. We specifically focus on the North Pacific accumulation zone - also known as ‘the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’...

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Testing, Engineering

The Ocean Cleanup Array to undergo 3D testing at MARIN

The Ocean Cleanup’s development of its cleanup technology has entered a new testing stage. Engineers are currently installing a scale model of the Ocean Cleanup Array in an offshore basin at the world-renowned Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). At the basin in Wageningen, The Netherlands, The Ocean Cleanup and its...

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Testing, Engineering

Deltares tests confirm workability of boom design

In the past months our engineering team has continued its work on developing the barriers designed to collect ocean plastics. To assess how the boom behaves in water, The Ocean Cleanup collaborated with independent research institute Deltares to perform a series of scale model tests. By generating artificial waves, currents and winds in...

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The Ocean Cleanup prepares for 2020 Pacific cleanup, successfully completes Mega Expedition reconnaissance mission

The Ocean Cleanup successfully concluded the Mega Expedition with the arrival of a first group of vessels including the fleet’s 171ft mothership in the port of San Francisco today. Using a series of measurement techniques, including trawls and aerial surveys, the fleet of close to 30 vessels sampled the concentration of plastic...

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Research, Oceanography

Research vessel "Ocean Starr" kicks off Mega Expedition

Today the 171 ft research vessel ‘’Ocean Starr’’ departed from San Francisco, marking the official start of the Mega Expedition. This will be the largest research expedition in history, in which around 30 vessels will cross the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in parallel, covering 3,500,000 km2 and collecting more...

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Oceanography, Research

Final vertical distribution expedition completed

In 2013 we became the first to measure how the plastic soup in our oceans is vertically distributed in the top layers of the water surface. Two years and six expeditions later, we have created an extensive database of the vertical distribution of ocean plastic in a wide variety of weather conditions.  In order to create an...

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