About Plastic Pollution in the Ocean and other frequently asked questions

I've heard about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Is there really an island of plastic waste floating in the Pacific?
Is the plastic all at the ocean surface, or deeper down too?
I've heard that most of the pieces of plastic in the ocean are tiny (microplastics). Is this true?
What are the long-term effects of plastic pollution in the oceans?
Who should be responsible for cleaning the gyres?

What does ‘passively collecting’ plastic mean?
How much plastic can you remove from the ocean?
How long will it take to clean up a gyre?
Will your cleanup system harm marine life?
How will you ensure the array can withstand extreme environmental conditions?
To what depth will you be able to extract plastic?
What will you do about plastic located at lower depths?
Will the Ocean Cleanup Array interfere with shipping traffic?
Are there legal obstacles to be overcome?
How will you physically extract the plastic from the ocean?
How will you store and transport the plastic back to land?
Why remove the plastic and transport it to land instead of processing it at sea?
What will you do with the plastic once it's extracted from the oceans?
My company sees a way of using the plastic you have collected. Can we have it?
How are you financing The Ocean Cleanup?
How has the concept changed from the feasibility study?
Can The Ocean Cleanup provide an overall solution to ocean plastic pollution?
Can you rid the oceans of plastic entirely?

How did The Ocean Cleanup come into existence?
Is the cleanup system already installed and cleaning up the ocean?
Why don’t you deploy this system in coastal areas?
I want to give a presentation or write a paper about The Ocean Cleanup and/or plastic pollution for school. Where can I find more information?
I would like to use your content to help raise awareness and/or raise funds. Am I allowed to do so?
I would like to invite Boyan Slat to speak at our event/conference. How can I do so?

How is The Ocean Cleanup going to determine the best possible location and/or design for the Ocean Cleanup Array?
Where can I read the feasibility study report?
I would like to refer to the feasibility report in my paper/thesis/report. What citation should I use?
I have some comments about the content of the feasibility report, where can I send them?
Is the feasibility report available in hardcopy?
Will The Ocean Cleanup publish more research results in the future?

Are donations to The Ocean Cleanup tax deductible?
I would like to make a donation. Can I get proof of my donation for a tax deduction?
We would like to donate as a US company. What is your EIN?
I do not want to make my donation via your website, but would like to transfer an amount directly. What is your bank account number (IBAN)?
I would like to donate in a different currency. Is that possible?
I have questions about my crowdfunding donation to The Ocean Cleanup. Where do I find answers?
Do you plan to do another crowdfunding campaign?
How can I help The Ocean Cleanup as an individual?
How can my company or organization help The Ocean Cleanup?
I have a boat / own a research vessel and want to help.
Is it possible to do my internship at The Ocean Cleanup?

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?
The sea, coastline, harbor or river in my area is polluted. Can you help?
How can I help prevent plastic pollution?